Opal iBusiness Solutions is a
 national software development
 company established in 1990
 in Adelaide, South Australia
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We specialise in Reporting and Integration of Company Information

Human Resources, Finance and Business analysis, Operations, Key Performance Indicators and Management / Board Reporting

Opal iBusiness Solutions has an ARiES application to suit

Making sure you have the information needed to make intelligent decisions.

ARiES can be tailored to meet the requirements of your adopted standard of compliance at any level in the organisation.  Examples include the high level management reporting for the CEO and Board, the reporting required for Finance, Operations, Human Resource staff, CIO, business analysts or any other nominated staff member. The flexibility in ARiES provides the ability to provide accurate reporting company-wide, or simply within one area of the business: it’s your choice. 

  • ARiES is a complete information delivery system including an integrated report engine.
  • ARiES is a reporting standard which can be adapted to meet the needs of any areas of the business.
  • Utilising a web browser, ARiES provides users with drill down access to live business data in real time via the company intranet.
  • Seamless integration of business units information and applications is provided directly from live data without any manual intervention.
  • Security is inbuilt to ensure access to vital company information is restricted only to registered, authorised users.
For consistency, key performance measures should be gathered at the same point as the detailed data - eliminating discrepancies and ensuring a single version of the truth.  All reports can be fully integrated with each other, e.g. ARiES-HR (which provides sets of reports containing human resource business intelligence) / ARiES-Fin (financial business intelligence) / ARiES-Ops (operational business intelligence) and more.

High performing businesses differentiate themselves by how well they manage their workforce capabilities and align them with organisational objectives. Human capital development can improve the performance of customer interfacing functions within an organisation.  How well are you measuring workskills, training and development?

ARiES-HR , for example, is a suite of reports providing Human Resource information to managers, HR staff, and employees.  It includes reports on Headcount and FTE’s, Management and Leave Analysis, OH&S, Costing Detail Analysis, Training & Development, Workforce Planning, Utilities ie. Audit, company structure, user access via a log, an administration security module and much more.  There are over 70 secure reports currently available, each with drill down and selection capability.  Further reports can easily be tailored to suit your company’s requirements.

ARiES has been designed to support:

Federal, State and Local Government Insurance Energy and Resources
Mining Environment Agriculture
Telecommunications Health Logistics
Manufacturing Retail Pharmaceutical
Emergency Services Education Finance