Static Demonstration
- reports previously saved to disk.
Brief ARiES-HR description

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Live ARiES-HR demonstration!


The buttons to the left provide examples of some ARiES-HR reports. These are not live drill-downs to Human Resource data, but have been saved from reports run against sample data. As these examples are for demonstration purposes only, their functionality is reduced in many instances. All data is fictitious and any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This link will take you to our LIVE demonstration of ARiES-HR, again utilising fictitious data.  WebFOCUS is used to dynamically create web pages depending on selection criteria.


The LIVE demonstration is designed to work with Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers only.  If you are not using one of these browsers use the static demonstrations to the left. 

The live demonstration accesses data from an external site owned by iBusiness Solutions and opens in a new window. As this is a demonstration of ARiES-HR look and feel only, data sets are limited and some data ranges may be invalid.

A User Id and password is required. Use "aries", without quotation marks,  for both the user id and password, to view a limited selection of our reports.

Please contact us with your name and company details and we will send you a unique User Id and password enabling you to view the full range of ARiES reports.

Link to the LIVE ARiES-HR site!