Providers of Business Intelligence Applications

PO Box 165
South Australia  5033

Tel:  +61 8 8342 1162

Opal iBusiness Solutions
is the registered trade name

DP Solutions Pty Ltd
ABN 84 737 029 554


iBusiness(SA) Pty Ltd

ABN 48 073 639 586

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About Opal iBusiness Solutions

Established in 1990, Opal iBusiness Solutions is a specialist software development and services company that delivers Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Data Warehouse solutions to Australian corporate, government and education markets.

Web based and client server solutions have been tailored to meet individual client requirements and have included database applications, business intelligence and data warehouse systems in the financial, human resource, asset management, health, mining, insurance and utilities markets. These solutions have been delivered across mainframe, mid range, UNIX and Microsoft  Windows Server platforms.

The company's philosophy focuses on meeting the business needs of customers, by working closely with management, end users and Information Technology staff.