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Integrated Intranet Applications

  Business Tools

Document Manager
Document Manager is a catalogue and storage system for all of your company's documentation.

Meeting Room Booking
Maintain and manage an electronic booking system for meeting rooms, including facilities.

File Express
Use File Express to distribute files to multiple recipients while avoiding size and firewall restrictions.

Project Space
An online workspace for project teams enabling online collaboration, virtual team activities and group discussion.

Forms Manager
Coordinate groups of forms required for tasks, stored in a single location and found by requirement,  task or scenario.

Extranet Manager
Manage external access by assigning secure passwords and folder permissions in applications.

Digital Assets Library
Catalogue and maintain photos, presentations, videos, multimedia and audio.
Company Calendar
A company wide calendar to maintain events, public holidays, pay dates and other company wide events.
People Search
A comprehensive contacts database of all the relevant details for every person in your company.
Acronym Manager
Maintain a list of industry/company related terms and definitions.
Image Library
Manage company images and graphics.
Brand Manager
An important resource for organisations managing the important brand/logo/identity asset.
Employee Training
Search and maintain a list of internal and external courses available, manage course applications.
Survey Pro
Create and conduct web based surveys and questionnaires of various length and complexity.  Display results in preformatted or customised reports and diagrams
Process Tool
Create a process by grouping any number of web pages in a logical, controlled flow. Track users through the process created.
Form Builder
Create online forms for staff to complete and return to the appropriate person, reducing the need tor manual forms and processes.
Contacts Manager
Maintain and manage contacts and share them with other parts of the organisation.
iFrame Portlets
Use iFrames to access other web pages within the Intranet DASHBOARD look and feel.
  Content Management/Publishing Tools
Content Publisher
Convert your documents into Web content that can be published and incorporated into your intranet.
Ad Manager
Create and display banners to advertise anything from a family fun day to the latest product launch.
Portal Push & Pull
Content managed by Intranet DASHBOARD or embedded in an Intranet DASHBOARD application can be placed in an Enterprise Information Portal and displayed on your intranet.  Pull in data from other systems enabling access of information from one centralized interface.
Layout Manager
Use multiple layout templates to customise the location of applications in your intranet.
iD Themes
Manage the branding, look & feel, colours and images of the Intranet DASHBOARD interface.
Statistics Reporter
View comprehensive statistics and metrics which provide vital feedback on the major components of your intranet.
Publish company news items and information across various areas of your intranet.
RSS News Feeds
Subscribe to external news feeds. Tailor contents to suit different audiences.
Nav Editor
Facilitate simple and intuitive navigation through your site and subsites.
Power Search
Search your entire intranet and sub sites with this powerful tool and find just what you were actually looking for.
  Collaboration/Communication Tools
Create organised and searchable lists of answers to frequently asked questions.  Let users comment and rate the usefulness of the information.
Create, send and maintain e-Newsletters and associated subscription lists via a simple to use interface.
A multi-threaded online discussion forum, enabling users to share ideas, post questions and participate in general discussions.
World Time
Co-ordinate meetings with the rest of the world by knowing what the time is in every major city.
Travel Agent
A virtual "travel agent" enabling users to research accommodation, eating locations and travel news.  Users can submit their own recommendations and ratings.
Feedback Director
Maintain multiple levels of email feedback throughout your intranet ensuring that the feedback message is sent to to the most relevant recipient.
Quick Poll
Find out what matters most to members of your organisation with an informal polling tool.  Create single of multi-question polls and view live results.
Quick Links
Create customised lists of hyperlinks to frequently used internal or external pages. Multiple instances can also be displayed on the page within categories to aid navigation.
Sports Tipping
A powerful and adaptable sports tipping engine to assist in running an intra-company tipping competition for any sport or competitive activity.
Send customisable online postcards to friends and colleagues.
Staff Offers
A 'classifieds' listing which enables you and staff to publish unique offers, tickets and goods to other members of an organisation.
Alumni Centre Extranet
Keep in contact with past employees through the Alumni Centre.  Past employees can login and update details via an extranet.
OHS Pack
Ensure that your organisation is fulfilling its statutory obligations relating to Occupational Health and Safety.
  Third Party Tools
Research Reporter
Improve business decision making by leveraging the power of your marketing knowledge and extracting more from marketing resources.